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Development, creation of sites

Development, creation of sites, optimization for chosen keywords, with promotion on the Internet, priceless know-how: how to promote a site on selected keywords to the first pages of search engines.

Welcome to the virtual office of the company "Asgard"! Wink

On the Internet today you can find absolutely everything. What, in fact, most people do. Today, the high growth rates of computer technologies are amazing, the Internet does not stand still. New web technologies are emerging, the old ones are developing and improving.

For a young company, creating a website is one of the ways to express yourself in the market of goods and services. For a long time and successfully working - a way to open new opportunities, find a new client and partner. Laughing

The site is your virtual office - the face of the firm. Today, the creation of sites is of great importance, certain hopes are placed, since the modern site is a virtual office of companies. From the qualitative creation of the site, starting from the appearance and ending with the convenience of administration, the behavior of the future visitor depends - whether there will be a desire to contact by phone with the office of the company, to purchase the goods and the service or the site will still be closed. The created production mechanisms track every step of the creation, support and promotion of the site, allow you to control the timing and quality, improve and improve the processes and results of work.
To date, the Internet exists a huge number of sites with a really interesting and thoughtful design. This direction is constantly developing, offering the end user more convenient interfaces, unique technologies and new visual effects. Our goal is to create for you an outstanding, memorable, user-friendly project that will meet all your requirements, and meet all the requirements of modern users of the global Internet.

Website design should be exclusive, high-quality and convenient for perception. Creating such sites is a difficult task. The design should simultaneously amaze with complexity and elaboration of details, and be convenient, functional and simply perceivable. To provide the maximum convenience and functionality of the client is the most important task of any business.
In conditions of severe competition in the Internet market, the site has become the most effective tool for promoting goods and services. The site, as an Internet representation of the company allows you to solve a wide range of marketing tasks, as well as automate the company's business processes related to communication with the client.

Thus, a high-quality Internet resource allows not only to bring new customers, support old ones, but also to optimize labor costs in dealing with customers.

What is a site?
This is the company's business card, the status of the company, its name? Yes, name.
The name you create for months and years can now be typed as just a few characters in the search string. And, what the visitor of your site sees and hears is your present. What he will believe in and, therefore, will contact you.
Many years ago people represented their interests on paper or recommended this or that enterprise "from word of mouth". Technology does more.
About you can speak all the languages ​​of the planet and talk around the world at this second.

Website development

We create practical optimized sites mainly for small and medium-sized businesses, although we can also represent a large international holding company worthily. Our studio has accumulated experience in the sphere of creation, promotion and optimization of sites, including foreign ones. There is an opportunity to create high-quality multilingual sites, translate existing ones, place them on national hosting and promote in national search systems. First of all, this is certainly the United States and Europe, but it is possible to go to the East. Create an Arabic, Indian, Japanese or Chinese homepage on your website; Registration and promotion of it in Asian search engines is a great way to announce yourself in the region with a four-billion population and raise your prestige. Promotion and promotion of a site in search engines is an effective means of finding new customers, and we also have a methodology for optimizing for Google. Website development

We develop and create websites, optimizing them in advance for your keywords, with promotion on the Internet, and the ability to bring your site to the top places in the search engines. The philosophy of the company is practical. To some, our site may seem too simple, but this is our proven strategy - a minimum of "bells and whistles", simple html, maximum benefit. The external simplicity of Google does not prevent them from having 200 million clicks a day, and no one complains about them. At the same time, there are too many beautiful Internet sites loaded with scripts, like heavy bombers, in the Internet, and the complexity of the codes prevents them from "gaining altitude" - i.e. Get into the top-ranked search engines. And our extremely lightweight from all excess rubbish, equipped with an afterburner optimization, the new high-speed fighter rapidly overtakes the old-timers of the Runet, and will soon beat all records. Do not believe me? Read the secrets for Webmasters: how to optimize the site to get traffic from search engines. This is really a working technique. Now, when the competition for keywords is more acute than ever, the tricks and secrets of internal optimization of the site take on special significance. You choose - a heaped-up, unknown flash site at 4356 in Yandex on request "how to promote the site to the first pages of search engines in Ust-Uryupinsk" or a simple site that really occupies high places, bringing you $ 10,000 a day?

The site of the company is a tool. With its help, you can conduct almost any advertising campaign, deliver important and useful information to your customer, find new partners and reach a new higher level.
If you want to take the first place in all search engines - put at the heart of the information content of the resource, rather than design solutions. If you sell something on the Internet, the most important thing is to write a good selling text of your site and correctly optimize the content. Do not make pages larger than 60 kb and the weight of the codes should be as small as possible. According to Forrester Research and Gartner Group, commercial sites are losing $ 1.1-1.3 billion a year due to the fact that customers leave the site without waiting for them to download. Do you still want to have a "beautiful fancy website"? Please, we are animating you at least the entire Kama Sutra in flash format, only then do not complain. And this site you can safely watch with the included pictures and animation - its weight in the notebook is not much more than in html. Graphics and animation, too, optimize, compress (good to do pictures like interlaced gif), use at a minimum, nothing superfluous, but be sure to prescribe the ALT tag. Most search engines view comments on pictures. Use keyword phrases in the main menu on all pages of the site.

Site as a business tool

An Internet site can and should generate revenue. This is the position of our company, and we will be glad to share it with you. The profit from the site can be direct or indirect, this is the specificity of your business, our task is to develop attractive visitors, an easy-to-use website. Every site owner wants his project to meet all of its requirements: it was successful, frequented, brought profit. These requirements are the result. The result depends entirely on the level of performance, the thoughtfulness of the appearance of any project in the global network, including its design. He can, how to attract the attention of the person who came to him, and spoil the overall impression.

You will be able to post on the site any information about the company, price lists, the constant update of which will allow you to notify your customers and partners in time about changes, started promotions, etc. We, in turn, guarantee you a high-quality support for the work of the site on the Internet, conduct its registration in search engines, catalogs and servers, which will facilitate the search for your information on the Web. We will carry out an advertising campaign that will make your site work for the achievement of your goals. The support service will provide the site around the clock.
We only require the necessary information from you, so that we can put it on the pages of your site as soon as possible, and our designers will develop and produce a site of any complexity. All this will be done as soon as possible, taking into account all your comments and suggestions. Further changes or additions to the pages will be made at your request and in the shortest possible time.

Here are a few principles of our company:

The site should be an effective tool for doing business;
Clear structure, navigation, usability (user friendliness) should facilitate the most effective search for information on the site;
The external design of the website should be a continuation of the company's image policy, which forms a positive opinion about the firm;
The site should be able to update information by employees of the company itself, who do not have special programming skills;
Operating software packages in the company can be integrated into the site;
The site should easily be in search engines and catalogs for key positions for your business.

Today, the Internet site is a trading platform, which does not bring virtual revenues. Contact us for a website that will bring you profit.

Search Engine Optimization (Site Promotion) is the art of creating pages whose codes are "liked" by search robots. For many lamers, optimizing a website to get a high ranking from search engines boils down to implementing a couple of tags, well, there's still a selection of suitable headers - and they consider it sufficient. But at the time of the creation of your site in the database of search engines there are already hundreds, and even thousands of sites of competitors. If the pages of the site are professionally optimized, then when you query for keywords, the site will be at the top in the search results, i.е. The likelihood that the user will find your site is very high. If you do not know how to optimize, then the site ranking based on the search results will be very low (young sites - if at all). Search engine optimization does not just increase the traffic to our client's site, but leads to increased sales and increased brand popularity.
Using the service Free analysis of your site, you will get a detailed analysis of all the shortcomings and missed opportunities of your resource in terms of optimization for search engines, if necessary, the analysis of competitors' sites and recommendations for the promotion of your products .. Sometimes you simply marvel at the heap of sites Do not have meta tags. According to my observations, only about 40% of Runet's business projects have at least 3 of the necessary meta tags. And correct, corresponding to the body of the page among them, and at all 10%. We will help in developing an optimal list of keywords, provide results and conclusions of statistical analysis and offer you a plan for search optimization and promotion of your site.

Sait.jpegSo, we create sites:

Understandable to simple users;
Stylish and original in design;
Convenient for updating by ordinary employees;

At the best prices for the work of our level.

We are engaged in the creation of websites, their promotion, support and take care of all the concerns of our customers connected with the Internet.

Our services are:

The minimum possible cost of website promotion is the ideal price / quality
Promptness of website promotion- we know the way to get to Google in 1-7 days after the "birth" of the site!
Individual approach to each client at search optimization, promotion of a site in search systems

To the client: control of the promoted site, accessibility monitoring and statistics

Our site promotion includes all traditional promotion activities in search engines, registration in catalogs, participation in ratings, placement on paid or free advertising resources and, of course, link exchange. The thematic link exchange is one of the most important moments of site promotion, which is given great importance by Google, and among other methods of search promotion we pay special attention to it.
We can make a wonderful site that search engines like. To do this, you need good quality content, unique meta tags, usability and hosting stability. Our experience in optimization for various search systems in RuNet and around the world allows us to offer a full package of services for creating and promoting the site with the help of the latest technologies of promotion, both domestic and foreign. No spam - we use only high-quality "white" methods, and the one-time costs you invested will be effective after 10 and 50 years. "White Optimization" is a complex website promotion with the development of a semantic kernel (the most frequent and necessary for successful business management of the customer Requests for which the user comes to the site from search engines), the optimization of individual pages of the site for these requests by editing content (content), promoting the site by registration in numerous directories and search engines, As well as the exchange of links with sites of similar topics using key phrases (referential site ranking), which is increasingly oriented search engines when developing algorithms for counting the relevance of sites. To date, the most effective way of advertising on the Internet, bringing long-term targeted traffic are 3 whales:

Correct internal optimization of the site; Increase the relevance of your site to the queries that are part of the well-designed semantic core of your site.
Promotion of a site in search engines, catalogs and ratings.
Exchange of thematic links with the help of partner programs, web rings, etc. Thematically connected resources

Studies invariably show that the target visitor who came to your site from the search engine, on average, brings in 5-6 times more sales than an occasional surfer who came to the site simply by clicking on the banner, or by clicking on a link from another site. And catalogs and search engines give 60-90% of all visitors. Moreover, visitors are targeted .. The highest-quality stream of the target audience on the Internet to the site can be given only by search engines, so it makes sense to optimize for search engines and concentrate. RuNet users are looking for information about the goods and services they need in the leading search engines: Yandex - 51,7 %%, Google - 43.8%, Search.Mail.ru -4.4%, and Rambler -0.3%. At the same time, about 80% are satisfied with the results of the top 10 proposed answers, and only 20% of the most insistent pass to the second page and beyond. On this site we generously share ideas that will help you to take the best places in the search engines around the world., Follow the commandments of Google and success is assured to you!
Remember: every new visitor to the site is your potential customer. More visitors - more orders. Do not hesitate! Well optimized and well-developed site works for you 24/7/365! And nebraskruchenny is like the circulation of a book folded in your house under the bed - it is useless, even if it's beautiful with its graphics and flash cards! Every second of the delay of death is similar, for it means the loss of the client: he will buy the necessary from your competitor, who took care of optimization, promotion and support of his site! Order the optimization and advertising company of your site right now!

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