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A website can and should generate revenue. This is the position of our company, and we will be happy to share it with you. The profit from the site can be direct or indirect, this is the specificity of your business, our task is to develop a site that attracts visitors and is easy to use.
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Search traffic
Search traffic
- these are visitors who come to the site from search engines. To get such traffic, you need to regularly engage in SEO-promotion of the site. So that your site can be easily found in the search results of Yandex, Google and other search engines. We’ll analyze this channel in more detail later.
3. Traffic from third-party resources
- These are visitors who have come to your site from the pages of other sites.
Options for receiving such traffic may be different:
3.1. Partnership programs
It would be possible to combine this paragraph with paragraph 3.3, but leave it separate. The easiest way to get a lot of traffic from third-party resources is to create an affiliate program for your site and offer other people to sell your goods or services for a small fee from the sale.
The more people who participate in your affiliate program, the more traffic you can get.
If you have an affiliate program, you can also register on exchanges of affiliate programs. From the popular I can advise you to look at
3.2. Purchased links
Buying, of course, is easier, but search engines are actively struggling with this, so we strongly do not recommend this method. Yes, and most often clicks on the purchased link units, if at all.
Most often, links are bought to make it easier to promote the site in organic search results and get search traffic.
3.3. Natural links
Bookmarking services, company directories, company directories, forums, blogs, social networks and other sites where you can get a free natural link to your site. We will consider in more detail in Chapter 3.
4. Email newsletters, push traffic
If your site does not yet have a subscription form for the newsletter, then it’s time to get it. So you can return to the site users who were already on the site, sending them interesting information.

Our practice shows that newsletters with the invitation to read new blog articles work better than informing about current promotions. Think, maybe it makes sense to start a blog with useful articles.

In addition, from know-how: invite your customers to subscribe to push newsletters. Your customers subscribe to a regular newsletter and receive notifications from you right on your computer desktop or even on your smartphone. Push notifications are effective on 80% of devices; there are almost in all modern browsers.

With the help of push-mailings, you can also attract good traffic to the site.

5. Type-in ​​traffic, or direct traffic

Well, the most important form of traffic is direct traffic. These are the users who themselves drive the address of your site in the address bar.

Why can this happen?

Someone can remember the address of your site or write down, or save the page of your site as a separate file to your computer. Maybe you were handing out flyers or business cards with the address of your site. Also, this type of traffic can be provided by offline advertising (outdoor, on television, radio, in the press, etc.). The more direct traffic, the more popular the resource. If you don’t have time and desire to make your way through the thorns to the stars, the crowdfunding service will help. After it, recognition is growing, which means type-in ​​traffic. Perhaps this is all the main types of traffic, depending on the source. Before you promote your site, be sure to study the traffic that is already on the site.